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Blue pilled cuckadoodles committing cultural suicide...

England is a victim of progressive socialism, which is consuming most of Europe. Eight more years of the progressive socialist democratic party and...

That's was the whole plan, get these immigrates in and then organize Agenda protest! Notice it said thousands, not millions! Big difference, a few...

Are you People out of your ever-loving MINDS ??? You have the pretty balloon of real freedom on your doorstep... for God and Country sake do NOT...

Mere sheep being led to their slaughter!

The UK doesn't even use the Euro. They kept the Pound so why should they stay in the European Union? Makes it easier for them to leave. Europe has...

Hey you pack of dumbasses, it's your moronic "diversity" that got your police officer as well as the other 3 victims killed a few days ago! Your...

I can NOT trust this RINO Paul Ryan, beware people, he is a self serving snake!

This woman is a real flaming asshole.

J. Badillo found helpful a review for Univision: Obama Policy Led To Rockville Rape, written by Jeff Boaz 4 days ago

So sad someone has to be raped or murdered before common sense kicks in. Every liberal deserves to have one illegal living in their spare bedroom.

J. Badillo found helpful a review for Univision: Obama Policy Led To Rockville Rape, written by Rob Schick 4 days ago

Releasing criminal illegals so they can continue to murder, rape and rip off Americans is aiding and abetting them. Votes usurp safety.....Democrat...

that is the most outrageous lawsuit. The judge is right rendering the verdict to the insane, group sue anything, we don't pray in your bed room.. f...

Wow a bit of good news! Nice to see a court stand up for prayer. God Bless the court.

Thank you God for some common sense.

I am please the court passed this, may God continue to Bless our Nation and the justice system for doing the right things. If we all began our day...

HAR! Take that, atheist leftists!

Nothing makes the bat **** crazy atheists foam at the mouth more than prayer unless it's to their God..Lucifer.

Plan B: The leftist slime will bus in 'imams' to pray 'death to America", and vegan/humanist/gaynazi 'minister' to do the same..

What crap. Just ban the Muslims themselves & be done with this fluster cuck!

Well,at least now we have an American non FRAUD President.The former was/is a Muslim Plant FRAUD all papers sealed and stolen ss#


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