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Forget prison. Stand this traitor up against a wall and shoot him.

What MR. Trump said before becoming President Trump has no bearing as it's called free speech but liberals like to define it their own way, the fact...

I think THIS TRAITOR AND DESERTER NEEDS TO BE IN THE STOCKADE FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS! What a low life creep to desert his unit and help the enemy...

Is that a halo over Donald?

Carla Jones First the blacks are going to have to stop whites for all of their problems and using white guilt, and demanding of whites to support their... Show more 7 days ago

Time to move comet over and out. Cut his budget and eliminate any employees that you can. Comet may have a 10 year guarantee but not the rest of the...

Pretty sad the FBI is down to combing through garbage versus doing their job! Could it be they have no balls? Some suggestions for real...

IRS shenagons',...is the IRS seeking help from ?? If Breitbart/Infowars print errors then try CNN/CBS/NBC. I recall Obama preaching Transparency...

Well I guess this is how it's going to be. Anyone not falling in line with the liberal agenda is going to be under investigation by the FBI.

Fire every one of them. There a others who are willing to.work

More of Soros paid activist, fire them then cuff'em an stuff'em.

More jobs to be created for Americans.

I was a union member for over 30 years & I would expect to be YOUR FIRED if I did this!!!!!

If they strike, fire them, there are plenty of Americans out of work. show them we do not need them. There are plenty of people on welfare that need...

Arrest, detain and check the legal status of protestors-------deport the illegal aliens in the round up.

May 1st, surprise, surprise. The Communist Workers Holiday, all the dumb F--KS fall for this. Like the Union Leaders really care about these losers....

Who cares? These "protests" will make the ave guy take notice but in the way they don't want.


Agree with many others, fire the walkouts, replace with citizens who want to work.

Now just what in hell is this walk out going to prove??? You people that are walking out could be fired and there are plenty of people to take your...


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