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Liberals,/Leftist here and in England this is what happens when you becometo liberal tthey don't just take an inch they steal a mile. Then they take...

Dick Durbin, a nice Polish catholic boy from Chicago...funny that he does not oppose any form of abortion, but trades off his Polish-Catholic...

He hates clean air and fresh wat...oops...never mind.

There's probably a 100 Flints back east where they still use lead and iron pipes over 100 years old.

I will give it to Trump , he has done more then the governor of this state has done. He is also a republican.

This is more than the Muslim Black FRAUD could do for "his" people

How appropriate that they selected "International Workers' Day" for this action - it's a communist holiday.

Fire every one of them. There a others who are willing to.work

The majority are illegals who cares if they strike, deportation is coming their way


Lets see here, 350,000 illegals going on strike the vast majority lose their job to a US citizen who needs the job much worse. Sounds like a win to...

Get rid of those cockroaches and send them back to the POS countries they came from since they think it's so bad here. Good riddance to that trash.

Go to hell La Raza

Just remember to keep walking all the way back to Mexico assholes! Save us the money of throwing your illegal ass back to your shirty ass country...

Good we will now eat at home or carry our lunches like we use to do makes zero difference to me. Can watch the strikers picking out the illegals and...

Gee, these idiots have jobs and are working what are they protesting that their employers don't speak Spanish or they have to pay taxs. Just another...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCBk9ip7AjE Just watch this - and READ the title... This is just another Arm of the leftwing radikal demoncrats (not...

So the commies take a day off, so what. Ignore them, that is the best way to approach them. If you do not pay attention to them they become...

cry baby racist trump crying he failed getting his crooked racist band in place

Damn leftist judges trying to legislate from the bench, rather that interpret the law. Political activist judges should be recalled/removed from the...


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