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You don't have to blame the President for your stupidity. You should have use your common sense idiot.

that's right team trump made her drink put in the car made her drive then had the cops get her ! wow what an ass to say such **** lmao what is the...

And the left wants to let lots of these f#ckheads loose in our country.

The ones involved with Russia were the obama administration. duh. Liars and cheaters all the way trying to blame their criminal activity on...

I just fail to see how Russia could influence the vote of the electoral college which gave the presidency to Trump. Hillary Clinton was a failed...

Why not??? Let's get to the bottom of this 'Conspiracy' scandal or is it fact?

Didn't Obama tap Merkels phone too? He's slimy for sure

Will the democrats bring lewsndowski in to question him along with DOH to see if there's evidence to bring Hussein Obama up on charges for treason...

Just keep letting in savages and then be surprised when they behave like savages.

ship them all to germany... hahahahha Merkle wants them .. France does not. Seriously you riot you are shipped to Africa you get on a boat back.....

Does America need to be a re-run of France? Keep them out permanently!! Or the people will!!!!!

If they want to act as hoodlums,, bury them like hoodlums,,

Send this information to your Representatives and Senators.

Could very easily happen here if we don't stop this illegal immigration ! Build that wall and deport all the illegals !

Another reason to bring refugees and terrorist into our country. Please people WAKE UP.

These "migrants" uh "refugees" uh - "Terrorists" uh whatever they are. They were raised in kingdoms, they have no idea what it is to be responsible...

France gets what it deserves. You can't expect anything different when your population consists majorly of muslim terrorists

Wake up America! This is a preview of what's to come here. Masked people? Sound familiar? And what about those "allegations of police brutality?"...

Coming soon to a city near you thanks to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit betrayal of the American people.

Muslims can not and will not assimilate in a democratic and Christian society, their so called religion forbids it. What is happening in Paris right...


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