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Another "unnamed observer" by FAKE "news" network.

Don't believe anything you hear from the idiots, just another liberal ploy, another fake story. There day is coming!

Even if the Post had ever printed a story that was true at any time in their 216 year history, how is this even news? It sounds like she was...

This is a madeup story. Waste of ink.

Any unnamed source is good enough for the so called professional Journalist's from the MSM nowadays...what in the heck are they teaching in...

This story is total B.S.!!!

I suggest we all note that this article comes from the NY Post, a bigger leftist rag there is not!

An insider who is a friend of a friend reported to our group that this was a calculated pre-plan cooked up ahead of time. There are several...

Time to purge all the Bolshevik Obama crew from the White House and every Dept of Govt. They're saboteurs.

Don't believe a word of this report. This a fake news again. It is just another way to try to under mind the administration. Haven't this fake news...

They are all scared to death, because President Donald J. Trump is undoing all of Barack H. Obama's(only name we have available and it looks like...

The only reason mainstream Dems don't want impeachment now is so they can get the steady drip of missteps by 45, to take back Congress in 2018.

Reading the comments here, you are all cheering amongst yourselves without any dose of reality check. You need to get out more.

They should impeach themselves, a couple of real of idiots.

Ok, so are you going to charge Obama with treason, you wingnuts?

This guy is flipping crazy-when he "speechifies" he sounds like a tent preacher!!! It's time for Democrats to clean up their own "rat's nest" and...

Well I guess his intent to impeach our president got blown out of the water yesterday with Comey's testimony. No obstruction of justice is found, so...

Well, I guess it's safe that demoncrats are quite insane. God help us from demoncrats.

The Demorats are just the POS scum we all knew them to be!!!

Our President Trump is one of the most focused geniuses if modern times. The best part is that we can trust every word spoken is truthful, without...


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