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Bruce Gender !!!!! SHUT YOUR ASS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce Gender !!!!! SHUT YOUR ASS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Moore: You are a jerk and are totally out of touch with reality! We don't want a socialist system or a communist system which is what you...

Mikey needs to be on the receiving end of a horny goat.

You tell 'em, Michael! Don't let 'em '****' on YOU! Open your MOUTH! (Heh, heh).


I'll ride the torrent with yah on this, Peggy. Not too long ago, there was a best-seller book declaring this ungrateful useless hunk of lard the...

GEE Mikey I don't see the millions in third world countries shaking their heads in agreement with you.

The only poop here is YOU..... If you look like poop and smell like poop, then you must be poop!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!! Gotya!!!!!!

Moore is an ugly moron. He proves it every time his picture is on line and every time he says something moronic!

What newspapers has he been reading? Chek out Africa, big mouth. As I have mentioned previously, fat and ugly is combo hard to beat, but fat, ugly...

And look what someone **** out.... Michael Moore!!!

Yes the Democrats has s@#t on us long enough.

Bruce Gender !!!!! SHUT YOUR ASS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about 10 hours free psychiatric treatment? Otherwise stay in the shadows and we will protect the relevant 0.00001735% of humans so confused.

"Jenner to GOP: Mess With My Community, I’m Coming After You" That would be a frightening thought what with contagious bodily fluids and whatnot....

What is he/she/it gonna do, scratch everyone's eyes out?

More money stolen by bobo, with out Congress's approval....and why and how obamacare was never intened to work....only to drag the US economy down...

The whole thing was a scam at the outset when they admitted that they had to collect funds for six years to pay for four years...and they knew the...


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