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Can we now see Maddow's tax returns? How about all politician's tax returns?

LOL, Trump is a smart guy or his advisors are, why you say? The media and leftist have raved and ranted about Trumps tax returns, his ties with...

Well now it is appearing more and more that Maddow has madcow disease.

Madcow, the poster girl/guy of the alphabet community always steps in it, if you give her enough time.

MSNBC?? Still around???????

Maddow is another FAKE NEWS MEDIA idiot that no one watches and always reporting FAKE NEWS.

The propaganda machine formerly known as "the media" are so desperate to "get something" on President Trump, people like rachel maddow are foaming...

Look at the ratings morons! Rachael is a heroine of the real press battling the blabbering drivel pouring from the maw of the propaganda machine of...

I hope they jail all who participated in this shameful act.

I think Van Jones had the best comment: "If it shows that Trump paid $38M to the American Gov't, that's a good night for Trump!"

How about Harry Reed, when he was leader of the senate. By rule he was to show his tax return, still waiting.

Retched MadCow is an angry leftist dike with an inferior mind.

Nothing new...Ray Maddow has always rambled on about nothing...by the time she/he tries to make a point the audience has already forgot what she/he...

Exposed - Rich Man Pays His Taxes - film at 11. Trump pays 25% - double what Bernie Sanders pays as his "fair share". Trump pays more than all of...

How stupid of a move by the Great Madcow. No one cares about this .

Ignoramous thought she had a scoop, but didn't understand the material enough to know what she had. Best thing she could do for President Trump.

other than obama, she's the smartest idiot in the room...

I quit watching MSNBC many years ago I call it the station of fruits and nuts . She is not a news reporter she is nothing more than a gossip rag . I...

Trump gave out his 2005 taxes because it is probably the only one that is honest. He thinks the Democrats are going to let up on him now to show his...

He should be part of the travel ban.


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