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The little man wants to sell his technology to iran.. And has been.. He wants to go bye bye..

We need to kill the little prick........................... Nuke them now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuke the bastards before they nuke South Korea, Japan, Hawaii, the west coast....... oh well, the first three locations are worrisome.

This law is an oxymoron. Higher revenues from this tax result in lower revenues from other taxes when people lose their jobs. Then, to make it even...

I am so glad not to live in that state! A little coke a day is wonderful but not at what they charge. I would go to a neighboring stare once a month...

I live in AZ and saw a pickup go by proudly waving the Mexican flag. Intimidating sight.

Yes another achievement by President Trump. The mining companies and their miners working together can keep the mines operating efficiently and...

So far so good..Anything that's pisses off the The bat **** crazy, foaming at the mouth, strait jacket worthy left is a good thing...CO2 is not...

No swamp is too big for President TRUMP. I lp S TOO LARGE FOR HIM TO DRAIN!

Every day there's more great news!!! I'm sorry President Trump!!! I don't believe I'll ever tire of winning!!!!! God bless the smart voters in...

Al Sharpton will be on that list too. Anyone of us regular people would be imprisoned.


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