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MOAB needed. Just aim for the 'black' stone. Which I have just named - Satan's heart. BLOW IT UP!!!

Conflict avoided? They have been fighting for a thousand years non-stop. Step back and let them kill each other.

Or maybe she was on drugs? Either way she should be charged with this babies death and all of her children must be taken away as she might of just...

Susan Misa found helpful a review for Mom was allegedly on Facebook while baby drowned in tub, written by Edward Hake 3 days ago


It's tragic. 12 years of public school and nobody mention "don't leave baby in a running bath tub for ANY period of time". Hard to imagine.. Trgic...

Someone obviously had their priorities mixed-up; disgusting and I hope they charge her with manslaughter - no excuse for this! You choose to have a...

No pity. It is a shame the child died. This 21-year-old child needs to spend a minimum of 10 years in prison for Criminally Negligent Homicide and...

Typical millennial trash. This is what we are expected to fell sorry for. She deserves to be imprisoned and her children put up for adoption.

Susan Misa found helpful a review for Woman granted clemency by Obama gets sent back to prison, written by Larry Reade 2 weeks ago

You can take the female out of the prison but you can't take the drug desire out of the female! She is the picture of a worthless life.

Susan Misa found helpful a review for Woman granted clemency by Obama gets sent back to prison, written by Donna Cox 2 weeks ago

All the people Obama had released have returned to criminal life, is anyone surprised??

All of the victims of these criminals should sue BO and the government for their damages.

Too bad she didn't take Ovomit with her.

More west coast slime balls. If they want Sharia law move to a Muslim country and enjoy!

I nominate those idiots to be the first to be beheaded if Sharia ever gets the opportunity to run amok, here, in the states.

Arrest them all.. They are openly advocating the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in favor an invading force.. It's called treason, the...

Susan Misa found helpful a review for Liberals Rethink Travel Ban After Manchester Bombing, written by Jon Bradfield 1 month ago

How's your "everyone is welcome here" attitude working out for you? These people have a terminal case of dumb @$$.

Your article title is misleading. It once again assumes illegal get the same benefits as US citizens-they do not. I do support kids under 18 being...

What they need to do ( illegals ) is get off American soil and go back to Mexico period! And again they don't have to break up their family, take...

Yet another racist, sexist statement from yet another leftist nutjob Democrat woman! Interesting how, when they make these kind of remarks, it is...

That OLD WHITE HAG needs to shut her vile mouth


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