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Unprecedented in the history of America. Dimos (sp intentional) are acting like spoiled brats. Give them "time out" and a pacifier.

...interpretation......come crawling on your knees and we may give you an audience.....LMAO!...good luck on that one boys!...F***king idiots who...

The Obama presidency was based on illegitimate foundations, so the whole illegitimate regime should be EXPERTS on the subject.

So what else is news?

Laughable coming from someone with a fake birth certificate.

Bleach the stain of Obama and his minions, speaking of a bastard he's one

The pathological liar, brown monkey is STILL refusing to acknowledge that he is is to leave the White house in a couple of days, on its way to the...

Trump is more Legitimate than Obuttface who wasn't born he crawled out from under a rock.

Mcdonough, Good luck in your new career! No class just like your boss!

Obama White House Refuses to Call Trump ‘Legitimate’ President That's rich coming from the lying Muslim fraud's office. This clown is the front man...

The presumed sophistication of the Californians and New Yorkers is evidenced by their elections of such functional far-left cretins as Brown and...

Godfrey J. Buquet found helpful a review for Megyn Kelly Will Leave Fox News for NBC, written by Judie Carter 1 week ago

She was never a journalist, she was just a woman that should write for the National Enquirer. After Trump won I thought she was going to cry. Every...


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