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YOU LYING SON OF A BITCHES. The money was raised for the DNC and was NOT in violation of ANY LAWS. Crawl back under your rocks you pond scum donald...

I really don't care how much dirty money Hillary laundered. I want to know why so many, many witnesses against the Clintons suddenly commit suicide...

Taking leave of his mind is more like it.....

Christine Tischler Friedrich didn't find helpful a review for Senate GOP shifts focus to Loretta Lynch, written by Joseph R. Davis 2 months ago

Oh, yes. By all means, let us investigate the Democrats, and never mind that Comrade Donald Ivanovich sold out to the Russians.

It better be a bipartisan investigation we know how dems handle their own, with kit gloves. No RINO'S ether.

I am very surprised that Diane Feinstein would step up and acknowledge that Lynch's behavior needs to "be investigated". While that is an obvious...

This is sedition or very close to it!

It's not the Russians we need to worry about when it comes to the integrity of our democracy including voting! It's clearly the democrats who are...

Well done Mr. President, well done! Cut the pork fat at every corner there is. GO TRUMP!!!

Trump is 1000% right. It's time for all Americans to accept responsibility for their lives and wellbeing. With $20 trillion in debt, we cannot...

Keep cutting until you get all of the FAT, another place to cut is all of the money sent out in GRANTS!

I'm not Muslim, but I don't like that "pork" either, Mr. President. Keep a sharp knife and slash away. We need more rights returned to the States.

Excellent idea and long overdue!!! Keep cutting the fat President!!!

Brilliant plans! Do it now to help make America great again!

Get rid of all the money pit Departments like Education and Commerce and create a Dept of Fraud , waste and abuse...25% of Govt. $$$ is wasted.

This should have been done decades ago but we did not have a POTUS with the stones to do it.

All of the programming on public broadcasting is special interest and they lean way, way liberal if you have ever listened to their news programs....

Brilliant! Now the Cheeto can communicate via twitter and you morons will lap up his vile crap like it was mothers milk!

I believe these programs should be paid by private people. Let soros fund it! They are in his pocket anyway!

Christine Tischler Friedrich found helpful a review for It's literally pay to play at Mar a Lago, written by Ed Newbold 6 months ago

Now it's frigging BlabberBuzz attempting to smear the President. This event was NOT a "pay to play" event at all, you lying morons. It was, as you...


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