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Henry Marquez found helpful a review for Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Press Briefings, written by Ted Wark 1 week ago

If I were President Trump I would absolutely cancel ALL press briefings until further notice!!

The entire democrat party along with its master the main stream media should be tried as co-conspirators for treason against our nation.

Why does news sites (fake news sites) keep stirring the pot regarding Obama, Hildabeast & all of the rest of these criminals. There will be nothing...

Why Obama hasn't been arrested for his very obvious collusion with the Islamic state of Iran for the aiding and abetting of that enemy is beyond...

Iran's leader needs to be terminated...... right now. Damn obama....he sure hated AMERICA, yet he still lives here.........The whole obama clan...

it was not obamas cash it was ours and that just pisses me off cuz a lot of good could have happened with that cash right here in America ! Obama...

No I take him Fu%$%%^&& Muslim for no showing respect. Then deport him. Who in hell invite him

It would be fun to see Steve Bannon beat the livin' **** outta this raghead.

Another ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT loving liberal *******

Another ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT loving liberal *******

If I was trump I would go up to this judge and have him fired and stripped of his duty. This judge is not American judge. Put this judge in jail....

It is clearly time to ignore these activist judges and move forward!! We cannot allow these radicals to endanger our country any longer!!!

I'm sure liberals around the country will rise up and protest these arrests.

Every human being born on this world is a 'Child of God'. We are all God's children. Satan using Muhammad, founded his own religion of domination...

He is already there, take a look ? his portrait, practicing the savoring

President Trump said "Looks like a terrorist attack." Even the fact it has all the characteristics of a terrorist attack, was perpetrated by a...

facts are simple, if they are Muslim they are a terrorist. read their Koran.

These people at MSNBC ARE IDIOTS .

Thx President Trump. Met a lots Engineers that they were rejected by corp, they hired foreign Engineers with less pay, specially from Pakistan,...


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