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What is it you see in this self indulgent, overweight, narcissistic, arrogant piece of crap. He has all the intelligence of a worm, his only claim...

It's simply amazing that the far left liberal progressive main stream media and their lackeys continue to believe that they speak for the American...

That liberal's buy his crap shows how far gone they are mentally. Completely unhinged.

Michael Moore is a flaming idiot. Our President works day and knight and m&m needs his beauty sleep, he can never keep up with our President. the...

How anyone can actually sit through his movies must be very sad. Don't see anything good about his film. Michael the blow fish really needs to be...

Give up you mass of waisted flesh!!

Unfortunately, Conservatives do not kill their enemies, like the Democrats killed Seth Rich (wikileaks DNC source). Further, Conservatives to not...

Yah.. A fat tub o' Lard is gonna get in the ring.... So scared...

"Facts, reality and brains" does not become Michael Moore, neither have they been a forte of the Democratic Party either.

I will never go see a MM movie

Maybe Rosie odipshit will go see it!

Who's the git enabling those that murder you and me? M-I-C-H-A-E-L M-O-O-R-E Insipid biased **** is not a documentary! M-I-C-H-A-E-L M-O-O-R-EOne...

If this were to happen this Communist best have one hell of a safe room as -America will march on him and run his Red Commie ass out of the country.

Yeah and I've made a comedy short called 'Fat-ass 24/7'. It ends Michael Moore.

Michael "Pigly" Moore puking up his usual anti non Liberal crap Movie that no one will watch. Go hide in a hole somewhere and do us all a favor.

Someone needs to render his fat ass and make some candles that signify the END of michael moore!

And, Clinton's tweet was "disgusting" because... ?

Hillary. You lost. THE DON won. So be quiet. And stop it now

Hillary Clinton is DISGUSTING, PERIOD...................................

What a stupid bitch, nothing more!


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