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Jenner you're scary only in looks!!

Am wondering is that those with a penis or without one. Or do you know? Hope your happy becaure you don't look all that great.

Funniest thing I've read all day haha

Which one are you referring to? Is it the American community, of which the US is founded on, or the one that your illness has led you to surgically...

It can be eliminated. Talk about a useless fungus.

Jenners community is a mess!

Must mean the mentally ill group that "shim" and the rest of the family belongs to. By the way, did bill clinton make that date with you yet? I...

What is he/she/it gonna do, scratch everyone's eyes out?

So scared!!! You got no power. Who do you think you are? Oh, that's right you don't know!

ahhh now we have censorship....you google are not the king of kings in search engine...how mighty of you...you now have created the perfect storm in...

Many already know what this is really all about. Google, Facebook, and Tweeter are attempting to use the concept of "fake news" (and keeping it off...

Infowars has as much right to google as george soros many fake news 'organizations' do. And infowars is most often at least rooted in the truth,...

There many other search engines out there...screw censorship google!

Fantastic move. The crap on InfoWars is worthless at best, dangerous at worst.

Has the entire civilized world lost its mind? These so called refugees have been given places to stay, financial subsidies by the countries they...

And still the powers to be in Sweden will deny they have a problem that's only going to get worse!! SAD!!!!!

As long as Muslim immigrants are allowed to enter any foreign country including the US these terror attacks will continue!

Well, since we KNOW that the truthful Swedish government / regime, and the honest Swedish media, assure everyone that there are NO muslime problems...

If a terrorist kills 10 innocents, kill 10 members of his immediate family and make this a policy that these savages will understand. It is the only...


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