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Congratulations, congressman King of Iowa ! The American culture forbids the pollution by the evil CIA-Saudi sheik funding of ISIS-ISIL, that the...

The truth is immigrants only come to the USA for the freebies, amen, and not for anything else. This is prove and soros is as guilty for encouraging...

i'm beginning to believe we should stop all immagration. just freeloaders comming here to live off our dime.

So why the hell had this NOT BEEN DONE LONG AGO under any other admin. ylou fold are partly to blame for the carnage going on then. As they say of...

What a concept. Putting Americans first and utilizing law enforcement to keep us safe. WHOO HOOO. WE WANT MORE.

Catch and release is good when fly fishing. Not so when you're a bad actor and living here ILLEGALLY.

EXCELLENT! Like everyone else in the Conservative world, I'd like to see more and more positive news like this. Well done, ICE!

This is wonderful news, The Donald (oh I mean Prez) is doing what he stated: Make America great again. As readers know I try to be a praying person...

Keep up the good work ICE!!! Send this vermin back for good!!!

Well, if ICE deports 1000 illegals a week it will only take about 400 years to deport all 20 million illegals. Take the incentives away. E-VERIFY is...

It's amazing what law enforcement entities can do when the shackles are removed from them, allowing them to do their job. Good job, guys & gals.

After 8 years, ICE can finally do their job. Keep chipping away and get the wall built, eventually, we'll get our country back.

Finally !!! Good work, Mr. President.

No more Obama get out of jail free cards. My neighbor is a border patrolman. He says the moral is now excellent. What a difference a law and order...

Who exactly in the City of Philadelphia is refusing to comply? The Mayor? The police chief? Shouldn't they be arrested and held in contempt of a...

Keep up the GOOD work.

Bye, bye to 248 of Obama's buddies. Good job to Mr. Trump.

Ryan needs to go. He's no friend to the American people.

Ryan needs to go. He's no friend to the American people.

Ryan needs to go. He's no friend to the American people.


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