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Common sense returning to the streets of America. What a breath of fresh air.

Bill should be called Black Lives Splatter.

Time to put a brush guard on my 4x4 ram Hemi!! I don't want any splatter on my paint!!

Please California.....pass the same bill here....Please.....please

Very Good....Every state should do the same. So we taxpayers, who are not paid by Hillary and George Soros, are not sitting ducks to these anarchist.

Run that trash over like you would a paper cup in the road. If they think they are better than the rest of us they need to be put back in their...

Wish that would go to the SCOTUS and they would agree. A law should be written to hold those who fund, support, encourage, train...or participate...

Where are the cow catchers that use to be on the front of all 19th century locomotives now that we need them for the brain dead herd of protesters...

Bravo North Carolina - just mow down those commies!

Block the road try to drag me out of my truck. Putting in low lock and just idle out of there or over you. Just for GP maybe back up and try again,...

Good. One or two getting run down should learn them a thing or three

Far too many people rlock and disrupt traffic flow during these so called peaceful protests. Glad some form of protection is being afforded the...

Run 'em down. They are a hazard to public safety by doing something as stupid as blocking ambulances, police vehicles, or any emergency situation.

Great job! Snowflakes and Libertards beware! Couldn't happen to nicer MORONS!!

What the hell is wrong with this judge, Obama should be​ facing charges with these two rapist and deport these bastards, I can't believe two...

Let them out and see how far they get - how can a raped and sodomized 14 year old girl NOT be evidence enough? Somebody needs to fire the...

I would think a reasonable man would have had the evidence before him before booking them in with the 2 charges against them. Perhaps these...

Clever, you are perfectly free to do this


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