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I won't eat colored potatoes! Yikes!

Wow. Instead of gay pride we have fatty gay fries. Hope they can live on those sales!

They're fries suck to begin with. Now they suck literally.

The both of them should be locked up together forever.They can love each other till death do they part.

A homosexual Leftist supporting an avowed traitor. (There isn't much difference between the two, is there)?

Reality is no patriot, nor is Rosie. Of course we know Rosie likes girls.

LOL. She's a washed up nobody who will soon find herself supporting the likes of Kathy Griffin. Nothing but a bunch of public urinals is all their...

When's this gasbag gonna leave the country ? Better yet......when's she gonna cut her wrists ?

Sorry but they are now and have been since their lies and cover ups during the criminal Clinton campaign.

Remember when Hollywood cancelled their AA show after 911 in case the Muslims would go after them?

The DNC Russia hoax is fading as the Dems now become Islamacrats and want you to buy rugs and learn Arabic.

Why would Trump, an intelligent President want to meet with an old, lizatard, woman with Alzheimer's??? It would be better if the Prime Minister...

There you go, folks. This ISIS rapist/killer said this is "normal and good for them!" This is the mentality the radical Islamic terrorists are...

The media is the enemy!!!!!! They always do FAKE NEWS which no one pays attention to. America woke up to the truth and is boycotting the media due...

YES, Mr. Karl, the press IS the enemy of the American people when they continues to fabricate lies, make false statements, pervert the news, etc....

Sorry but they are now and have been since their lies and cover ups during the criminal Clinton campaign.

Poor Karl, poor, poor Karl. He just doesn't get it but then most brain washed morons don't either and never will.

Nick Pasq found helpful a review for Filmmaker Confirms Numbers on Refugees And Crime in Sweden, written by A.I. Marvin 4 months ago

Why is the whole of Europe continuing to lie about the crime spike in their countries? What is the advantage ? This just didn't happen overnight. It...


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