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I wouldn't wipe my ass with that rag.

Does anyone remember the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991? The MSM screamed that the volcanic eruption spewed more CO2 into the earth's atmosphere...

I wonder if these are the same people who were wildly backing HRC just a few months ago? Let us not pretend that Wal Street was ever behind the...

These are vile, hateful people. They accuse, attack and lie without conscience. God help us.

Ernest McIntosh found helpful a review for Watch: Fox News sued for racial discrimination, written by El Pauls yesterday

"Pampered". There is more prejudice and bigotry channeled at the white male than any other group. The white male is expected to fix all problems and...

The leftist are pulling out all of the stops to shut down and get rid of all conservative news medias as well as putting an end to free speech. The...

Now then it's time to readie a withdrawal from the UN as well.

This should flush out the politicians that are on the take as they will no longer be able to afford running interference through the courts and the...

be good to kick some congressmen and sentors out to been there to long need term limets on them to no more than two and can not work in government...

Ernest McIntosh found helpful a review for White House Readies Order on Withdrawing from NAFTA, written by David K yesterday

Sounds good-- but let us see if another Leftist federal judge doesn't put on presidential airs and issue another anti-Constitutional order, at...

Yes we should cancel this agreement as it is unfair to yhe United States

Good. Now build the damn wall !

Ernest McIntosh didn't find helpful a review for White House Readies Order on Withdrawing from NAFTA, written by Greg Arena yesterday

I have to say Trump looks nuttier and nuttier

Finally I agree wil Bill Maher.... I think I'm gonna be sick

I guess the fact that ISIS took responsibility for it doesn't mean much to MSNBC.

How did this pathetic so-called journalist get back on the air while O'Reilly taken off!

MSNBC is a Master Socialist National Bureau for Communism. This shows how anti-American they are. (What else is new)?

No wonder no one watches these @sshats anymore. Trump did not say "muslim". He said terrorism which is what any kind of attack like this is!!!

Amazing how mental disease is spreading among st the Leftist delusional media: MSNBC is infested with fucked up IDIOTS !!!! Never watch them

France is now paying a price for their immigration policies! Their Muslim immigrants are a huge problem and it will continue until ISIS is...


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