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After all of the lies, manipulations, and prejudicial actions by the FBI and other so-called Department heads, how do they expect the general public...

Tell me please, just what makes Mr. Cohen think Mr. Dogg Shit is better than the sorry skum he actually is.

He needs to go by by and put in a doggy pen where this black drug-slug belongs. So, what's the delay, huh? Do it!

Yeeesss....another example of the democrat's tolerance and moral high ground...sick!

Snoop dogg is just another crazy democratic commie nigger......He needs to be in jail.....or firing squad...idiot.

Not funny. This is a terrorist act.

Snoop Doggie Poop doesn't even know the proper, ghetto-cool, way to hold a handgun. It is not straight up and down, but sideways. What a phony....

Let's lock up this spear chucking a-hole & let's hope he physcially resists when the Secret Service come for him.

Who in their right mind would ever think snoop dog was better than that??? He's a drug addicted no talent punk!!!

mast dogs are smart but i guess this one got dropped on it head and is just plain stupid, to bad because wen that happens they must be put down.OLD...

I wonder if M&M would have made this video targeting Sham Wow Obama ..would the bat **** crazy, foaming at the mouth, Bolshevik Left object.?

Perhaps Stup the Dogg should be arrested for trying to encourage someone to shoot our President. Snoop is a loser.

This is most disgusting, but also, so are those who buy his so called music. They do not have any moral conviction of what is appropriate. That is...

Another good spokesmen for the YOUNG blacks! Trumps trying to help the blacks out of the liberal black hole, and libs like that black moron dog (who...

N!&&3R IS AS N!&&3R DOES....

F-Kn Dogprobably eats his own turds too. Quite the male role model. A black that really doesn't matter.

Screw that washed up Ni%%%r.

Time to send that boy to JAIL - GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200.00!

Karl Kocher found helpful a review for Leftist Women Promise To Stay Home For One Day, written by Bob menefee 3 weeks ago

Good as we might have more chances to talk for a change and eat out at lunch time eating just what we want with onions and other smelly breath things.

Karl Kocher found helpful a review for Leftist Women Promise To Stay Home For One Day, written by Paul Willey 3 weeks ago

Fire them just like the immigrants. If they use earned time off for this foolishness then fine. If not and they just don't show fire them. There has...


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