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The only problem is President Trump has only been in office a tad over 60 days.

More of Soros paid activist, fire them then cuff'em an stuff'em.

More jobs to be created for Americans.

I was a union member for over 30 years & I would expect to be YOUR FIRED if I did this!!!!!

Arrest, detain and check the legal status of protestors-------deport the illegal aliens in the round up.

May 1st, surprise, surprise. The Communist Workers Holiday, all the dumb F--KS fall for this. Like the Union Leaders really care about these losers....

Who cares? These "protests" will make the ave guy take notice but in the way they don't want.


Agree with many others, fire the walkouts, replace with citizens who want to work.

Now just what in hell is this walk out going to prove??? You people that are walking out could be fired and there are plenty of people to take your...

SEIU big surprise! A Commie pretend union organization that are tools for any far left project that needs to be done. Devout George Soros brown...

ICE will be able to find them a lot easier... when they take the day off ICE will just go to their houses and put them on a one way trip to the...

Excellent, it sounds like there will 350,000 job openings on May second!

I got a better idea take that day off and don't go back show the President what your made of. Oh yea he is a billionaire working for free as...

Trump needs to figure out a way to keep all striking workers off the job for 5 days for every day they stay on strike !

ALRIGHT ! Sounds like there's going to be A LOT of new job openings for our VETS struggling some on the streets! If you see a homeless Vet. give him...

The vast majority of these idiots are in the country illegally. They're afraid they'll have to go back where they came from opening up these jobs...

When a Republican from the deep south manages to piss you idiots off, I know I am truly dealing with a bunch of brain dead dolts who must be...

Where have these people been? We have answered the Russia thing! There is no Russia thing! Everyone who has tried to find something all says there...

Snoop Dog---dumb as a box of rocks.


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