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This Richard head needs to be arrested for threats to the Presidents Wife and his bro Snoot Dog for his acting as if he shot the President. Federal...

Ernesto G didn't find helpful a review for Rapper to Trump: ‘Shut Your Punk A** Up Before We Pimp’ Melania, written by Rodney Aho 1 month ago

How can people have so much hatred in them ! Get a life he is our President now and she is our 1ST. Lady.PERIOD! Vengence is mine I will repay says...

Mike Tierney Can't we just accept them like we did Obama and his wife? Come on people! 1 month ago
Ernesto G didn't find helpful a review for ICE arrests 248 criminal illegals, 50 previously deported, written by Tim Wilde 1 month ago

Keep up the good work ICE!!! Send this vermin back for good!!!


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