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What needs to happen is that in these "sanctuary" cities, whenever an illegal commits a crime and is not turned over for deportation, then we need...

In October the Congress can take the funds away from cities who do not obey federal law and protects criminals I hope they do I'm tired of Judges...

When he is sleeping we should bomb his house sending the fat boy to Sheol he has a big mouth and we need to shut him up and teach them a lesson

Sure there are peaceful muslims but almost all hate Israel and many of them become Americians and love our country I do not believe that many care...

God created His law and way to Him and the savior Sharjah law is of demons and we cannot allow that law in Americia

While bonzuto (fatso) is sleeping us should bomb his house and send bonzto tio the fat farm in hell

Trump is President is working hard to make Americia again congress is slowing him down Dems are doing all to stop him

So Niki Hailey was right.......either the Russians were in colusion with the Syrians, or they were simply duped by the Syrians. Either way the...

Gary A. Tucker found helpful a review for BLM Mob Disgustingly Shuts Down Pro-Cop Speech, written by Jerry S. 2 weeks ago

Time to designate BLM as a terrorist movement and take action against them.

Trump was right he used saren gas he was right to destroy the airport that brought the poison he spanned him good so what Russia Iran and Korea were...

Our climate is changed by a heat shield. Over the earth that is changing our climate according to Scienceist that said the heat shield only lasted 2...

The states who elected the Dems need to vote them out of office to have a chance to make America great again the liberal party led by demons who are...

God said He knew us and created us in the womb men and woman say it's only a fetus yet God knew us formed us

His fate was sealed long before President Trump said anything.

People must know that their is a heaven and hell hopely people will choos God and live now and in the future He days call upon me and pray and I...

Mike Tierney There is a heaven and hell and it is where you are right now. You choose which place is best for you. After you die? Well myth and superstition tell... Show more 1 month ago
Gary A. Tucker True Heaven or hell All have a choice life or death 6 days ago

Gorsch will be an excellent Sipreme Court Judegr the liberals of the Supreme Court make up laws that is not constitional they do not know the...

They are changing our country one school said they were sorry it's students were dressed in patriotic clothes because some were offended this is...


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