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I'll like Michael when he's wearing a toe tag. He constantly bash's capitalism while feeding at it's trough. What a hypocrite and 50 shades of...

Michael Moore is an idiot. Why does ANYBODY pay any attention to him? He is guilty of sedition and should be tried and convicted. USMC 1970-1974...

Every time this fat-assed loud mouth opens his trap, he comes off like a **** salesman with a mouthful of samples!

Michael? Are you listening? If Hillery were installed as Madam President she, Hillery and Company, would have your fat a$$ on on a pike before the...

Michael Moron...He'd win an ugly pig contest..

Poor MM, it has to be difficult going through life, fat, ugly and stupid

Michael Moore is the proof that just underneath the surface, every Leftist is really just a fascist totalitarian tyrant dictator wannabe.

Hey, ugliest human being Michael, why don't you just do us a favor and go hide your ugliness in the toilet where you belong and take killery with...

The only one that must be arrested is you, Michael, for showng your ugliness as well as killery.... duh

Somebody please shoot this fat, f#cking traitor. He's crazier than a sh!t house rat.


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