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Obama is the perpetual turd in the punch bowl. He never goes away.

That's BRILLIANT!!! We ALL know how much he helped Keg-Legs Hitlery when he campaigned for her. So, bring it on, you elephant eared rat!!!

Apparently this delusional moron doesn't get why Trump is now president!

obumer will bury u freaking demoncraps,nobody,wants this black thief,back,i would work for the trump train day & night,to never ever have your black...

What a joke. The return of Ovomit will only hurt the Libtards even more.

Clown boy and his colored TV are gonna save what?!?!

Democrats appear helpless without obozo? Bless their little hearts. Will they also put pelosi & killary in this dog & pony show? Get some popcorn,...

An arab negro from Kenya is just what the democrat party needs right now. A lying gay-blade whom the muslims would love to silence is just what the...

Look at the disgusting face of this muslim criminal!!!

Mr Obama, I once heard a well known pol say "We had an election, there are consequences". You want fries with that crow?

Go ahead Obama put that final nail in the Democrats' coffin. You put most of them in there in the first place.

Who cares what she thinks? Not many hands out there. Frankly, she's about as relevant as tail fins on a Kia.

I'll like the Clintons when they're wearing toe tags.

Look at her PUGGY little face & TELL ME if there isn't a FAT PERSON in that UGLY FACE!!!!!!

Liberals are anti -patriot and anti-American. They are globalists.

Liberals are anti -patriot and anti-American. They are globalists.

Liberals are anti -patriot and anti-American. They are globalists.

So --are we suppose to be all scarred -------I don't think so. They are going to go down in flames.!!!! And I hope obama gsts exposed big time,...

A bit of overkill, don't you think? How much will this bogus "Russia" investigation cost us? A billion, or more, after the special prosecutor gets...

The lgbtq organizations can all go die as far as I'm concerned.


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