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Perhaps it's now time for "members of congress" to start acting like Americans and obey the laws they themselves pass into law. I think that most...

Our nation has become a nation of "anything goes" and to hell with actual legal citizen rights and laws.

Forth the BEST in Paranoid/Conspiritoid Dementia :BLABBERBUZZ !!!!!

A recent study from U of Cal., Berkeley stated that the 15 dollar minimum wage did not reduce the number of workers. I think we can safely ignore...

How's that $15.00 per hour working out for you burger flippers & French fry fryers?

Obama is the perpetual turd in the punch bowl. He never goes away.

Is there anyone who hasn't figured out obama is an IDIOT, yet? It is hard to imagine..

That's BRILLIANT!!! We ALL know how much he helped Keg-Legs Hitlery when he campaigned for her. So, bring it on, you elephant eared rat!!!

I guess he missed all of the memos that said he was one of the main reasons Hillary lost. The people are sick of his s**t. Maybe he should go back...

It seems to me the best response to this crap would be for Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, and Kentucky should CLOSE their borders to anyone from...

California is on the verge of bankruptcy, they should ban all travel, including Moonbeam, outside of California.

This isn't news, it's standard operating procedures from the left these days. They lied, cheated and stole just to get that corrupt P0S, Hillary...

Arrest them all.. They are openly advocating the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in favor an invading force.. It's called treason, the...

Thank you ICE. Deport 'em all. Use military transport to the furthest location possible.

Next stop, Minnesota's Somali land.

When they are done in New Jersey, how about visiting Nebraska, latest news is we have between forty and sixty thousand illegal immigrants here which...

Oh great, just what we need another ass hole in Congress.

Doug Clark didn't find helpful a review for 7 Unhinged Celebrity Reactions to Comey Hearing, written by Manuel Montalvo 4 months ago

The American people has shown to be ready for a dictatorship. They approve everything this impious and opprobrious Orange satyr is doing, and that...

Al Sharpton trying to fan the flames of racism - that's how he has always made his money. If there is no racism he is broke and he knows it. He is a...

Hi, I'm Bernie "Do as I say, not as I do," Sanders.


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