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If the President told Comey to give Flynn a pass, and then Comey didn't report it, then Comey's ass is in a sling.

No shyt, Sherlock! It has been a sustained, virulent attack by the left since election day based on unsubstantiated, unfounded, unattributed,...

Gee Ryan you think?? However, you and the rest are part of the problem!! Not the solution!! Amazing how you seek facts about Trump yet dead silence...

All the treasonous major scandals with the Clintons and Obama and crickets. The Soros, Media, Democrat Bolsheviks are making up fake scandals...

I predict a civil war is coming between the liberals and the conservatives. When it is over there will be many many fewer liberals around to keep up...

Renee S If it comes to a civil war, we will finally find out where Obama's stash of guns and ammo are. 1 week ago

waste of your money -- we are more resistance to your bullshit --- only the crybabies and the hanger ons will attend

OMG The Freak Show is about to begin. People on Protest Payroll, Lost Souls, Mental Cases, College know nothings, and violent idiots protesting...

Who is Moore and what is he attacking. God answered prayers when President Trump won the election. He did not need this responsibility. He could...

What is it you see in this self indulgent, overweight, narcissistic, arrogant piece of crap. He has all the intelligence of a worm, his only claim...

It's simply amazing that the far left liberal progressive main stream media and their lackeys continue to believe that they speak for the American...

That liberal's buy his crap shows how far gone they are mentally. Completely unhinged.

"Facts, reality and brains" does not become Michael Moore, neither have they been a forte of the Democratic Party either.

I will never go see a MM movie

If this were to happen this Communist best have one hell of a safe room as -America will march on him and run his Red Commie ass out of the country.

What an evil scary hag. She needs to be in prison!

What an evil scary hag. She needs to be in prison!

What an evil scary hag. She needs to be in prison!

Ever notice anything Clinton has to do with Money. Traitors!

I wonder if Comrade Donald Ivanovich will defect to Russia?


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