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GEE Mikey I don't see the millions in third world countries shaking their heads in agreement with you.

And look what someone **** out.... Michael Moore!!!

Yes the Democrats has s@#t on us long enough.

He needs to travel overseas. This fatt-ass liberal can say he has, but I did it for 20 years. Let his fat ass live in Saudi Arabia or Syria. See if...

MM is a worthless A-Hole and a low life traitor!!!!

Michael Moore, maybe you should move to Argentina or Libya...they might be more your speed. I'd even chip in on your airfare....

If you think the USA is so cruel to its people, i strongly encourage you to get the hell out! We neither like you nor want you in our country....

Unfortunately, Conservatives do not kill their enemies, like the Democrats killed Seth Rich (wikileaks DNC source). Further, Conservatives to not...

If this were to happen this Communist best have one hell of a safe room as -America will march on him and run his Red Commie ass out of the country.

Yeah and I've made a comedy short called 'Fat-ass 24/7'. It ends Michael Moore.

Michael "Pigly" Moore puking up his usual anti non Liberal crap Movie that no one will watch. Go hide in a hole somewhere and do us all a favor.

Someone needs to render his fat ass and make some candles that signify the END of michael moore!

Moore is as relevant as Osama. The only difference he has not been tied to an anchor and dropped in the sea.

This POS should give normal people a clue as to the intellect in Hollywood. He actually won an oscar. Wonders never cease. What an ass hole. If you...


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