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Nothing funny about Communism nor Communists. Jerry Brown is a Communist and enemy of this nation.

This just makes me want to break out into a rendition of the Torme'-Wells "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire). These b@$tards...

So where do the black leaders stand against this sort of racial flame throwing ?

Yet another clear indication that not all racists are white.

Now that is NIGGER TRASH. You pull s stunt like this you deserve to be called a Nigger.

How come this was not on every T V news station in the country and every newspaper ! where is all the white outrage.If they hung a black every black...

Send this umbangi back to where his tribe originally came from!

this land grab crap by obama and bush has to stop. go President Trump.

I even have a hard time accepting national park lands. The "management" of other, non park lands is ridiculous. All these tens of millions of acres...

Unless you're part of the entitlement generation who deserves everything everyone else has, how can you continue to dislike our President? The only...

I suggest listing most Federal land for sale to U.S. citizens ONLY, and having the proceeds and interest paid dedicated to paying of the National...

George Schmidt found helpful a review for Seattle’s $15/Hr Fight has Cost Jobs, written by Larry Reade 3 months ago

Just like most of us sane people on the right already knew.

If the Demoncrat Party wants to renew and grow it's base it should, Stop the Hate, "Hate is not a political strategy," and "Call for Solidarity as a...

Just because Brown thinks he is above the laws of the USA does not mean we in Calif want to do things like this Brown has stepped way over his head...


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