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Ross Parker found helpful a review for Trump Blasts Amazon in Wednesday Tweet, written by Harry Townsend 6 days ago

There is absolutely no proof that Trump has a racist or white supremacy relationship, otherwise all the media would have been assassinated by now!...

Excellent! DC is infested with spies.

I would want armed guards also....with all the indoctrinated liberal loon's working at the EPA...you can tell there are a lot of them because of the...

The thing is, IF they don't like the new administrations views and actions they can QUIT!!! Remember!! Elections have consequences snoeflake scumbag...

Cannot blame him given the fevered worship of climate change and hatred of our President. I would be eliminating staff by about 75% for a start. All...

Hoodwinking Americans is the essential part of the environmentalist agenda. Environmental activist Stephen Schneider told Discover magazine in 1989:...

I'm so sick of the left. We need to split the country iso we can put a border wall and keep them on one side. Start with California

Hey "Times", what would be worse, some rain falling on your building or a nuke falling on it? Morons!

Ross Parker found helpful a review for Mueller warns White House on Trump Jr. evidence, written by Jackson Brannon 4 weeks ago

Crying Chuckie and the Demorats wanted an INDEPENDANT investigation!! So in their Hypocritical lying corrupt tradition they Hire ALL Clinton and...

King you are nothing but what we call a Wanker. Shove ur. books up ur rear end. Another Libturd to boycott


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