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The leftist anti American MSM knows that if they ignore it, their viewership will never even know it occurred. It's like if a tree falls & no one...

Just boycott them as I do already! We need real news not fake or one sided! Nor do I like these stations making it look like one side is guilty over...

Snoop Dog---dumb as a box of rocks.

Snoop dog gives the mentally challenged a bad name.

Tell me please, just what makes Mr. Cohen think Mr. Dogg Shit is better than the sorry skum he actually is.

He needs to go by by and put in a doggy pen where this black drug-slug belongs. So, what's the delay, huh? Do it!

Yeeesss....another example of the democrat's tolerance and moral high ground...sick!

Another example of the kind of rift raft that ult-left attracts. These pepole even qualify to vote! Sic... .

Snoop dogg is just another crazy democratic commie nigger......He needs to be in jail.....or firing squad...idiot.

Not funny. This is a terrorist act.

Manny Beltran found helpful a review for Supreme Court Throws Out Transgender Case, written by Grizz Mann 3 weeks ago

I too was a man trapped in a woman's body. But then I was born.

Manny Beltran found helpful a review for Supreme Court Throws Out Transgender Case, written by El Ja Cardin 3 weeks ago

Good We do not want any more transgender bullshit God save America and Bless our President Donald Trump.

Congressional Black Caucus business as usual. Senators and Representatives first, constituents last....

These Commie's leach off of taxpayers and care less about inner city Blacks. They probably shed tears when Castro went to Hell...One of them was...

Nothing new here. One crooked politician or fifty crooked politicians. All line their pockets and scream whitey not doing enough for the black man...

It's all about the money to these cretins...


So the only lives that matter to you are for your self improvement. You're no better than any other crooked politician, you do not matter. Fkards.

They are a corrupt group. They claim to be for the black community, but they are the ones responsible for distressed upward mobility. They should be...

Pisses me off! Should be made to pay the money back.


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