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Monday, 16 January 2017 22:20

Western States, Federal Land

Written by  NYTimes
The Henry Mountains frame the desert landscape of the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah. Over half of Utah’s land is owned by the federal government.

House Republicans have made it easier for Congress to transfer federal lands to state and local authorities — an idea that was championed in the most recent Republican platform — by overturning the requirement that the government account for budgetary losses from such land transfers.

But Ryan Zinke, Trump’s pick to head the Interior Department, has opposed transferring federal land, as do some Republican governors out West, in part because the government pays for emergency services like battling wildfires.

If federal land is transferred to the states, could the states handle the responsibility?

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I'd like to see the states take back control, however I worry that there would be an even greater war against the wild mustangs and burros than that waged by the BLM. I also fear the lack of control regarding drilling and mining and protection of our water ways not that the Feds have done such a great job. There is much to consider before making a change.

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I would suppose the state governors would have to maintain the land. They might also be able to police it as well and at least stop cheating the Native Americans out of profits from mining or from horse sales. The Governors might be able to rein in the leasing of previous federal land to ranchers who shoot and kill the wild mustangs so that their cattle can graze on the land set aside for the wild mustangs. The governors might at least uphold the law and actually do the job of upholding the law versus criminal enterprises that have been allowed for years and decades to take place on federal lands. They might be able to prevent bureaucrats from bribe money to look the other way as criminal organizations of the liberal and certain individuals get away with crimes on the people that live there and have tried to improve their properties to live on them. Criminally prevented by draconian measures by the EPA and the bureau of Federal land Management.

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