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Friday, 19 May 2017 13:00

'Alien: Covenant' Review: Because These Days Every Monster Needs an Origin Story

Written by  Entertainment Tonight

Maybe humans are the real monsters, and xenomorphs have just been misunderstood all along. That, I suppose, was the logic that spawned Alien: Covenant, another franchise film that buys into the current trend that every villain needs an empathetic origin story.

Covenant, a prequel to the classic 1979 creature feature, Alien, begins with its own prologue: David, the android introduced in Prometheus and played by Michael Fassbender, discusses creation with his maker and asks him "the only question that matters": Where do we come from? Covenant, as with Prometheus before it, is all about creation and, boy, is that creation gross.

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The movie then shifts focus to the crew of a ship, the Covenant, on a colonizing mission to the planet ORIGAE-6. Coinciding with a catastrophic malfunction aboard the spacecraft, a previously hidden planet suddenly appears on their radar, a seemingly perfect alternative to their objective. So, they just...re-route and go there. The movie is Passengers (minus the love/murder story) until it turns into an Alien movie. It's not too big a venture into spoiler territory to say when they arrive on the unknown planet, things go awry.

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