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Monday, 17 July 2017 10:59

George A. Romero Gave Us More Than Zombies—He Gave Horror Movies a Soul

Written by  Complex

The late George A. Romero has a legacy that will, of course, live on far beyond his 77 years—but what I’ll remember most about him is the lasting imprint on the state of the world itself.

The lessons taught in his movies live far beyond the theatres and television sets we watched his films on, he changed the way I viewed horror and the way that I looked at society. A rebel on and off the silver screen, Romero redefined horror with his opus Night of The Living Dead in 1968, a movie that introduced most of the world to the zombie craze, and that modern pop culture has taken cues from stylistically since its release. But beyond that, he’s always sought to create films that were about more than just blood and guts. He made movies that went beyond graphic violence—depicting his cast of heroes and villains as cautionary tales of a world gone awry. Romero knew that we were all crazy, and he was the only one with balls to put it on the screen.

Romero’s cult-classic turned historical Horror movie landmark Night of The Living Dead is an example of one such movie that challenged the societal norms of the time.

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