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Monday, 17 July 2017 19:08

Walmart Pulls Super Racist Listing After Getting Crushed on Social Media

Written by  Complex

Giant corporations tend to have oversights slip through the cracks, simply because it's hard to avoid mistakes the bigger something gets. Walmart is a monster of a company compared to most—it has the highest revenue in the world, and is responsible for a staggering 2.3 million employees—so slip-ups are expected.

But some errors call for a bit more than a "Whoops, our bad."

On Monday, one of those massive errors hit the brand's website. Spotted by CSN New England's Kwani Lunis, a brown cap on the retailer's website was listed with, well, you can see the awful label for yourself:

Hey @Walmart what are you doing? pic.twitter.com/ermxukU5BX

— Kwani Lunis (@KwaniALunis) July 17, 2017

Though there's really no saving yourself from this, this could (and should) have been the end of the mistake. But the repeated use of the slur throughout the page—including in the product description and the original URL for the cap—makes it look even worse, because it shows someone repeatedly and intentionally inserted the slur into the website.


— Kwani Lunis (@KwaniALunis) July 17, 2017

Understandably, this sparked quite a bit of outrage on social media. Reactions on how to interpret the slur's placement were mixed; while some compared it to accidental corporate mistakes of the past, others saw it as a broader indictment of Walmart's cultural atmosphere.

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