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Sunday, 13 August 2017 11:55

Critic's Notebook: The Mooch Admits He Made an "Unforced Error" in First TV Interview

Written by  Frank Scheck

Sunday’s edition of This Week With George Stephanopoulos did not make for lighthearted viewing. From Charlottesville’s deadly white nationalist protest march to the growing possibility of a nuclear war — excuse me, “fire and fury” — with North Korea, it was understandable if viewers were downing anti-anxiety medications with their morning coffee.

Fortunately, the show provided some comic relief in the form of Anthony Scaramucci. The former White House communications director gave his first televised interview since being unceremoniously fired by the administration after a mere 11 days. But “The Mooch” even screwed this up, having misleadingly promised Stephen Colbert the exclusive first interview. For a guy who was supposed to be in charge of communications, Scaramucci has an awfully hard time communicating. It’s a wonder he lasted in the job as long as he did.

After an entertaining video montage of his guest’s greatest hits during his brief time at the White House, Stephanopoulos first asked him about Trump’s pathetic statement about the events in Charlottesville in which he decried the “hatred, bigotry and violence…on many sides.” Trump delivered the egregiously unpresidential remark with less passion than he exhibited describing the chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago. Stephanopoulos described it as a “watershed moment” for Trump’s presidency, which might be true if this administration didn’t have watershed moments several times a week.

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