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Monday, 20 March 2017 04:00

Doing Dancing With the Stars Has Been the Best Move Ever for Some Celebrities...and for Others, Not So Much

Written by  Natalie Finn

Stacy Keibler, not exactly a household name despite being a former fan-favorite WWE Diva and model, parlayed her second-place finish in season two into a whole new career as a TV host and lifestyle maven (and, not least, George Clooney's girlfriend for a spell).

Who's got the pain when they do the mambo?

Well, we've seen many a celebrity over the past 12 years get all sorts of pain from the mambo, the cha-cha, the jive, the foxtrot, the paso doble, the rumba and much more on Dancing With the Stars.

Not to mention be all sorts of pains when the going gets tough. And it is a tough slog, all that practicing every day, the pressure to not disappoint your partner (or not screw up on live TV), the disappointment if the voting public is so obviously not in your corner, the discomfort you might feel if fellow stars are annoyed from the start that you're on the show...

Which is why Dancing With the Stars, in all its formulaic glory, has actually been slyly wonderful at ripping the veil off its contestants, exposing their true colors—their behind-the-scenes personalities, if you will, since they are indeed behind the scenes at times—for all the world to see.

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