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Friday, 21 April 2017 08:25

Rachael Leigh Cook Remakes Her "This Is Your Brain on Drugs" PSA 20 Years Later--With a Twist

Written by  Corinne Heller

What's Rachael Leigh Cook doing these days? Same old—cracking eggs to promote an important message. But this time, she's serving up a slightly different one.

The 37-year-old She's All That and Perception star, who rose to fame in the '90s, reprises her role in a new "This Is Your Brain on Drugs" PSA, released Thursday—on 4/20—and 20 years after her first one.

This time, she speaks out not only against drug use, but against existing drug policy in the United States.

"This is one of the millions of Americans who uses drugs and won't get arrested," Cook says, holding up a white egg and putting it on a counter.

"However, this American," she begins, holding up a brown egg, "Is several times more likely to be charged with a drug crime. Imagine it's you."

An animation depicting the egg being sentenced, jailed and then released with dire prospects for landing a job or getting into college is shown.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a "war on drugs." More than $51 billion has been spent on law enforcement efforts to try to curb illegal drug use and incarcerate users, dealers and distributors, but the initiatives have been "harmful" and the war on drugs is really a "war on people," according to the Drug Policy Alliance, the group behind the PSA and which promotes "drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

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