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Monday, 17 July 2017 10:04

WAGS' Nicole Williams Used This Forever 21 Beauty Product on Her Honeymoon

Written by  Alanah Joseph

If there's ever a time when smooth skin really matters, it's during your honeymoon.

After an epic engagement, wedding and honeymoon, WAGS star Nicole Williams has mastered her silky, summer skin routine.

So much so that her obsession with coffee-based body scrubs has turned into a full-on beauty collaboration.

"[Body Blendz] contacted me and said 'We know you're obsessed with our products, would you want to create your own?'" Of course, Nicole responded with enthusiasm, but asked the brand, "How can we make this smell like a vacation?" after her Mexican honeymoon, where the products played a large role in her skincare. The result: Nicole's tropical twist on coffee body scrub, Body Blendz Mandarin Mist.

The Body Blendz scrubs were the secret to the reality television star's honeymoon beauty routine. Normally, she exfoliates three times per week, but for her Playa del Carmen getaway with husband Larry English, she took her routine to the next level.

"I prepped my skin with the scrub two days leading up to my honeymoon. I made sure all of the dead skin was off, so my skin would be hydrated and glowing," she told E! News. "I also let the scrub sit on my face for five minutes before rinsing it off.

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