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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 10:00

Mandy Moore Is Having the Time of Her Life: Her Career Comeback in Her Own Words

Written by  Seija Rankin

Mandy Moorewill take your compliments now.

Mandy Mooreis a star on the number one new show of 2016. Mandy Moore has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Mandy Moore is the star of what will probably be this year's Outstanding Drama Series.

Mandy Moore gets to work opposite Milo Ventimiglia every single day. Mandy Moore is talented and successful.

Yet up until recently, Mandy Moore had trouble admitting that.

Because you know that thing you do, when someone gives you a compliment, and you make a joke about it or pretend like it wasn't that big of a deal or immediately change the subject because women have a much harder time than men owning their own accomplishments? Yeah, Mandy Moore does that too.

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