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Not So Merry Go Round

For most people, the merry go round is one of the most beloved and classic rides at theme parks! Unfortunately for this little girl, her first time on this carousel was a not so merry ride! This may have not been her favorite ride, but she made sure she finished the ride through and through!

29 Hilarious Reactions To Anasthesia

Getting dental work done isn't a very fun process, but sometimes the reactions to people having undergone anesthesia can make it all worth it! You won't believe how some of these people reacted to receiving a little anesthesia, and it is guaranteed to have you laughing for the rest of the day!

No Spork No Dinner

It's just a spork, sport! This cute boy's favorite utensil is the mighty spork, which is half fork and half spoon! And he is absolutely devastated that his meal didn't come with his prized utensil! How does anyone expect him to eat his dinner without one? There's no other way!

Playground Rollercoaster Ride

This has got to be the coolest, and craziest playground we've ever seen! This magical playground comes with it's very own mini rollercoaster! The ride itself seems to be pretty smooth sailing, at least until you have to come to a complete stop at the end! Let's just say your butt will not be thanking you after this ride!

15 Reasons Why Amusement Parks Are The Best

It's not summer until you've gathered up your whole family to go to an amusement park! And we all know that the best part of going to an amusement park is watching your parents and kids scream their heads off on all of the rollercoasters! Here are 15 more reasons why amusement parks are the best!

Baby seagull falls from nest, brave dad returns it

A newborn seagull has managed to fall out of its nest and onto this family's yard. Amidst the screaming and yelling from the aggressive mother bird, this dad fearlessly returns the baby back to the nest. It appears at the end of the clip that the seagull couple says thanks to this dad for his heroic efforts! It looks like there are some pretty awesome people out inn the world. If it wasn't for this brave father, who knows what would've happened to these baby seagulls? At first the mother and father seagulls looked very upset, almost looking to attack this man, but once the babies were returned to the roof, it seemed like their tones have changed. It almost looked like they were trying to thank the man for putting the nest back up on the roof. How awesome is that? Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a chain of good karma. Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more amazing videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well! Check out this man saving a nest of baby seagulls.
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