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U.S. dam risk triggers urgent evacuation

Residents below the tallest dam in the United States, near Oroville in Northern California, were urgently ordered to evacuate on Sunday after a spillway appeared for a time to be in danger of imminent collapse. Joanna Webster reports.

Adele rules the Grammy Awards

Adele swept the Grammy Awards, taking home statuettes for the top prizes - album, record and song of the year - in a shock, history-making victory over Beyonce on a night marked by political statements and emotional tributes. Eve Johnson reports.

Bruno Mars STEALS the Show at 2017 Grammys with Perfect Prince 'Let's Go Crazy' Tribute Performance

Finally! A Prince tribute fit for the legendary artist! Bruno Mars completely slayed his Prince performance at the 59th annual Grammys. You know, Bruno even LOOKED like prince in this special performance! The 31-year-old singer took the stage wearing Prince’s signature color, purple of course, and that ruffled shirt. Perfectly playing a white guitar in honor of the legend, Bruno lit up the Staples center in Los Angeles with Jungle love, The Bird and Let’s Go Crazy. The crowd absolutely LOVED Bruno’s upbeat tribute Even Beyonce was dancing along in the crowd. And Twitter was living for the tribute as well. One user wrote, “Bruno mars is the only person that could’ve pulled off a Prince tribute right.” Entertainment Weekly said, “Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince was SO perfect.” And another said, “No other artist could have done it like Bruno Mars did.” What do you think?? Was Bruno’s tribute just the BEST?! Let us know in the comments below.

Adele REFUSES Album of the Year Award at 2017 Grammys, Makes Beyonce Cry with Emotional Tribute

Adele was the talk of the Grammys tonight for several reasons – First, she botched her George Michael tribute, then she took home 5 Grammy awards! But most notably she fangirled HARD over Beyoncé - and even did the unthinkable! Guys, maybe Adele has just one too many Grammy awards or something because she flat out REFUSED to take home the biggest award of the night: Album of the Year. When a tearful Adele took the stage to accept the top honor, she was overcome with emotion! The 28-year-old singer spoke about becoming a mother, and her big return to music during her speech. But then, in a move that shocked literally everyone, Adele shifted gears and REFUSED to accept the award - She thought another artist was more worthy. Beyonce, along with the rest of us were completely stunned… She just stood there crying. And Adele wasn’t lying one bit when she said Beyoncé was the artist of her life. The singer mentioned Queen Bey another one of her speeches tonight - when she won Record of the Year. That’s amazing, but now we really REALLY want to know if she actually gave her Grammy to Beyonce!! What do you make of Adele refusing her Grammy? Let us know in the comment section below.

Katy Perry Shades Britney Spears' Shaved Head at 2017 Grammys, Twitter Starts #KatyPerryIsOverParty

Katy Perry was soooo happy to be at the 2017 Grammys tonight to debut her latest single ‘Chained to the Rhythm,’ but did she have to take a cheap shot at the legendary Britney Spears? That’s what pretty much everyone is thinking right now after the singer’s bizarre behavior in not one, but TWO separate interviews. So Katy hit the red carpet at the 59th Grammy awards, clearly ready to piss everyone off - cause that’s exactly what she did. Never mind that disastrous outfit, that’s a totally different story - Katy threw some major shade at Britney Spears. While talking to Ryan Seacrest on the carpet, Katy talked about taking time off from music. Dig Number one. This response must have been Katy’s go-to for the night, because she said it a second time while talking to CBS about her ever changing hair. Ok, twitter BLEW UP with responses - all shading KATY for her loose lips. SO many people began throwing up pics of Britney. “Katy’s shade is getting more attention than her lead single. #KatyPerryIsOverParty” Another posed this photo saying, “Idol vs Talentless Thang. #BritneyIsBae.” But this Twitter user may have just explained why everyone is so up in arms about this diss: “Katy didn’t shade her. She made fun of her mental illness. That’s so much worse than shade.” You’ll remember Britney shaved her head in 2007 at the height of her mental breakdown that nearly ended her career and life. So maybe that’s why Katy is getting so much hate right now. What do you think? A joke or cruelty? Let us know in the comment section below.
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