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Demi Lovato LAUGHS at Fans Going Crazy Over Racy Leaked Photo

Demi Lovato is the latest celeb to have her privacy invaded by hackers - and yes, there’s a racy photo involved. But not took racy - Demi will tell you herself. Yes, the singer was hacked. No, she doesn’t care. There’s been so many hacks recently in hollywood. Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried were victims just last week - Jennifer lawrences’ privacy was invaded last year. And today, it’s Demi Lovato who had personal photos stolen from her phone. Hackers got a hold of, and released, a racy photo onto porn sites of Demi lying on a bed with an unzipped sweatshirt. The photo itself is pretty tame, especially considering the nude photos taken from other women. And honestly, Demi doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the crime. But while Demi may have a nonchalant approach to her recent hack, Emma Watson felt different about the situation. The actress is taking legal action against her hackers. The beauty and the beast star chose not to comment on the photos stolen, which were of her undressing at a photo shoot several years ago. Her spokesperson however said she will seek legal against against the hackers. My goodness, so many hackers! But honestly, I love demo’s response. What did YOU think of the singer’s idea to just let it go? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Biggest New England Patriots fan finds Tom Brady's autograph

Last year Tom Brady posted a video for Unreal Candy. In it, he signs the ingredient list with the message 'Everything Is Possible'. The video ends saying that there are 50 surprises hidden in candy buckets throughout New England. Now check out what mega-fan Zac happens to find in his candy bucket... Unbelievable!

Nurses Bring The Dance Party To A Young Patient’s Room To Brighten Her Day

taying in the hospital for more than a few days can make a person yearn for their regular lives more than they realized. When little Madison Austin, 3, was cooped up in the hospital during an extended stay recently, she was craving a little excitement. Admitted since February, she’s been treated for a series of infections, the flu and various complications from a brain and muscle condition called Neuronal migration disorder. Although she was more than ready to return home, she couldn’t leave just yet. So the nursing staff at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois, decided to make her hospital visit extra special. After learning from her mom Krista that Madison was obsessed with the “Hokey Pokey,” they gave her a wonderful surprise that kept her grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time. The group of nurses came by her room with a recording of the song and asked her to join them in a fun little “Hokey Pokey” dance party. Madison was overjoyed and clearly had the time of her life. What a wonderful way for these sweet nurses to lift their patient’s spirits. She’ll always remember this special moment. Like this story? Be sure to Subscribe for more.

Man Waited 3-Years For His Mom Standing On a Street Corner Until This Woman Changed His Life

Victor Hubbard was a familiar face in his Kemah, Texas community, but no one knew what his story was until a kind woman took the time to speak with him. For three years, Victor stood on a street corner waiting for his mother to come and get him. As cars whizzed past him on the street corner where he camped out, he tried as best as he could to deal with his mental illness challenges but ultimately he was alone. Then God sent an Angel!!! Ginger Sprouse wanted to know more about the young man she passed on the street several times a day. So she went struck up a conversation with him. As Victor began to open up to her about being homeless and needing medical care, she knew right then and there that she wanted to help him out. It turns out, others in the community wanted to help, too. So the resourceful mother created the Facebook page “This is Victor” and people in the community began volunteering to help Victor get back on his feet. They drove him to doctor’s appointments, raised funds for him to afford the basic necessities and gave him a boost of confidence. Ginger even gave him a job as a cook at her cooking classes/private party business, Art of the Meal. Victor said “She helped me. It’s like grace.” Like this story? Be sure to Subscribe for more.
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