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Friday, 19 May 2017 04:00

'Alien: Covenant' — Billy Crudup on Finding Faith in the 22nd Century

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Billy Crudup is reporting for duty in Alien Covenant.

In Ridley Scott's Covenant, Crudup plays Oram, a leader who is not quite fit for duty and one who only assumes command after the untimely death of his ship's captain.

His mission is to get 2,000 colonists to a new home on a distant planet, but when the crew discovers a much closer planet that could support human life, Oram makes the call to stop to investigate. That turns out to be the wrong call (this is an Alien movie, after all).

Crudup's character is a man of faith, a demographic that isn't often represented in futuristic sci-fi films, but one who is crucial to the ideas Scott is exploring with Covenant, his followup to 2012's Prometheus and prequel to 1979's Alien.

"Ridley and [screenwriter] John Logan were interested in in planting a person of faith in a story about creation mythology. And a story about demons and heroes," says Crudup, who worked with the team to ensure the character was nuanced, not a caricature. "The concern was that you were going to have some kind of archetype, which would have been reductive to a person of faith."

Oram is also a character in conflict with himself.

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