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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 05:35

Star Wars Insider Finally Reveals The Truth About Jyn Erso’s Name In Rogue One

Written by  Cinemablend

The Star Wars universe is one in which characters have a wide variety of different names. Some characters have names not that different from some actual people might have in the real world.

Others seem to be complete gibberish. Now we know where the name of Rogue One's heroine came from. The man who first proposed the idea for the film's story also created the name Jyn Erso, which he based off of actual women that he knew and loved.

My youngest daughter is Jane, and my wife is Jen, so [Jyn] is sort of mashup of them. And growing up my aunt was Aunt Ginny, [short] for Virginia, so there's a little bit of that, too. It's a mix up of a lot of my favorite women in my life.

Visual effects artist John Knoll is the man credited with first pitching the idea of setting film around the retrieval of the Death Star plans to Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy. However, his contribution did not stop there, as he tells Yahoo Movies that he named the lead character as well. It would appear that he's the reason the movie was led by a woman. Knoll had three growing daughters when working on the Star Wars prequels and wanted to make a character that young girls like them could look up to.

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