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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 11:21

Why This Self-Love Instagrammer Stopped Sharing Bikini Photos: I’m Sick of the Message ‘Thinness Equals Happiness’

Written by  Julie Mazziotta

Instagrammer Sophie Gray used to share her posts about self-love alongside photos of her toned abs. But she started to question the message she was sending to women.

“I always talked about loving yourself but the messages were attached with fitness photos — so they had the underlying theme of ‘but look like this.

’ ” Gray, 23, tells PEOPLE. “Of course, it wasn’t my intention to put that on people — but looking back, that’s what came through.”

The Edmonton-based Gray, who originally started her account as a modeling portfolio, realized that it was time to shift the page to better represent how she felt about health and wellness.

“For a couple years I was starting to resent the message and lost my passion for it,” she says. “In June of 2016 I had a panic attack on a flight from New York to Toronto and ended up driving home 38 hours to Edmonton. In that drive I had to face myself and my truth and realized that the direction of the account was hurting my mental wellbeing and those of my followers.”

She was concerned that her page was unintentionally harmful “fitspo.”

“I believe we all have to take accountability for our own emotions, but that doesn’t stop women and young girls from using my photos as unrealistic goals.

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