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Poll: Oprah leads Trump 47%-40% in 2020 matchup
Today's Political Blabber
by Breaking    

LOL, who comes up with this Davey Jones sea weed? Really now, is America that stupid or are the NWO Democrat Communist that desperate? Surely there is an intelligent person out there. Where are the OLD Democrats who used to love this country? All America has now are whinny jellyfish village idiots. Not to sound religious here, but the Democrats need to go back in time and flush the camode and ask GOD to come back onto the platform. Dumping money on the Corrupt platform has just brought Corruption, reap what you sow and you don't have to be smart to understand that, ask any farmer. Democrats are there own worst enemies. Pretending to be for everyone and standing for nothing is a mathematical disaster. 0 X 0 = 0: 0 / by 0= 0: 0+0=0: 0-0=0, get the hint, YOU and I get it, but more than half of America, Doesn't!

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