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It's time to find out if Trump has what it takes to stand firm and punish the wrongdoers.

California has been warned and it's time to come down hard on this bowl of granola.
1st cut all federal aid to California citizens with the exception of Social Security and the Veterans Administration payments.
Withdraw all matching funds for any construction project anywhere in the state and it doesn't matter what stage of construction the project may be presently at whatever is left is pulled.
Cancel all contractual agreements with every university and college working on federal projects and receiving grant money for those projects.
Remove all civilian workers from every military base in California no more " sand crabs".
Suspend all student loans at the end of the semester and do not reinstate the student loans until California and the University comply with the federal demands.
Give 6 months notice so shippers can make arrangements and then close all seaports to any movements other than federal shipping. And if it becomes necessary is Vancouver British Columbia as a receiving point of freight and bring itself by rail and truck.

Not only close the state down force the payment of all loans outstanding with the state.
If these perverted maggots have delusions of grandeur and thoughts of taking over the country they need to be stepped honest have fun quickly.

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3 results - showing 1 - 3  


3 results - showing 1 - 3  
Gary Von Neida Written by Gary Von Neida
April 06, 2017
Cut the State off like a troublesome child----no military spending in the state that can be possibly done elsewhere where Sanctuary Cities are no longer allowed.
Arrest all Public Officials that are behind this movement to aid in the INVASION which is a felony;thus; arrest and book each one all the way to the Governor.
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Carla Jones Written by Carla Jones
April 10, 2017
Please send these comments to President Trump at The White House, he needs to know what Americans are thinking.
Carla Jones Written by Carla Jones
April 10, 2017
Please send this to President Trump, he needs to know what Americans are thinking. And to request a vote of the people not their liberal Senate who will approve the pedophiles law, that shows how sick they are !
3 results - showing 1 - 3  


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