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Census: More Americans Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse
Conservative News
by Breaking    

I’m not surprised. With the feckless ineptitude of the past Administration, the US has lost more jobs, wages have fallen, and the economy has become stagnant. Hell, the GDP was teetered around 1%. How can anything improve with growth like that?! In addition to struggling to find jobs after graduation most in this age group also fall into the entitled “snowflake” category. They are unable to handle the difficulties of real life and they have a problem with the word “NO” so they run back to mommy and daddy to take care of them. Sadly, most parents do allow them back into their house where mommy does all their laundry, cooks for them, and cleans after them. And daddy provides all the other luxuries such as a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, and probably gives them money to make them happy.

If you notice the states where this is happening most is in predominately Blue states. Most Red states have stronger economies, a better tax structure, and jobs.

Obviously the snowflake generation is the new legal aliens who mooch off mom and dad and not the government like illegal aliens do.

Thank goodness for President Trump! He has definitely started making America Great Again!!! Maybe now parents will be able to kick their mooching kids out and reclaim their homes and their lives!!!!

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Larry Reade Written by Larry Reade
April 20, 2017
Great first post, Jayne. Welcome aboard.
In reply to an earlier comment

Jayne Nielsen Written by Jayne Nielsen
April 20, 2017
Thank you, Larry, for your compliment and for the nice welcome.
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