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If Comey says there had been no request for interference in the FBI investigation, why is all of this taking place per leaks. Of course, this is all a set up to distract from the real issues. It also is to try & take President Trump off his message, enflame more hate for Trump & keep his agenda from going forward.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Floyd J Hardee Written by Floyd J Hardee
May 18, 2017
He MAY have, he COULD have....... now let your imagination do the rest. Convict and impeach on MAY and COULD, not on hard factual evidence of any crime having been committed. Yes they are at it again! The masters of deception ....the Democrats and their Liberal allies, the crooked news media!
Merridee Pavlenko Written by Merridee Pavlenko
May 19, 2017
just another way to waste tax payers money . why not investigate Obama who never should have been our
president, or continue to convict Hillary. We finally have a man we elected as our President of the United States
of America and he is trying to do the job he was elected for, and has to deal with the crap that the Democrats are
drumming up because they do not have the power to continue to waste even more money and line their pockets by
taking away from the working AMERICANS. Lets continue to pray for President Trump, his family, staff, and also for those
Democrats they come back to reality, and for the fake media to STOP reporting fake News and Lies that have no
grounds, lets go after those that have done damage to America and prosecute them and jail them. President Trump continue
to drain the swamp, and pass limits that politicians can serve, also without continued income from having served, and their
secret service and staff. The working American's in other fields don't get that kind of income, only a pension they paid into and their
Social Security, which all should pay into not just the common folks but all POLITICIANS too.
2 results - showing 1 - 2  


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