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The illegals shouldn't be penalized??? Why are illegals (or legal immigrants for that matter) be "awarded food stamps or any other "entitlements? It used to be that immigrants were not to be allowed to be a drain upon America but now it seems that anyone that wishes can sneak into our country and immediately get on welfare. Many of the illegals here obtain welfare, work "under the table", avoid taxes, and then send American dollars back to Mexico or whatever country they came from. I would urge a law to penalize any illegal that reentered the country after being deported. As it stands now illegals deported merely turn around and come back. We have alien criminals being deported 15 times back in America. It's time for America to start taking care of Americans first instead of supporting the illegals invading our country. Those in America wanting to live in a lawless/liberal country can move to Cuba, Venesuela, or some other liberal/communist country.

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